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Tips for an accountant on automating the accounting of services with a large number of clients Lviv.

To achieve an effect in the automation of accounting for services, two processes need to be effectively automated - the process of charging fees for services and the process of receiving funds. To keep records, you need an accounting program. Although micro-entrepreneurs may not use programs with double entry, the value of these programs lies precisely in double entry and the fact that all events of the company's activity can be grouped in one information base.

The author of these lines has been working as a chief accountant for over thirty years and has been writing accounting programs for himself all this time. For a large number of clients, standard accounting documents will not be enough. For example, you have 300 customers, then you need to create 300 acts per month in the classic version using the copying method. This is a very time-consuming procedure. Table documents or tabular document processing are used for automation. Then one document in accounting replaces three hundred. The simplest table is the customer code and the amount charged. Also, if necessary, you can add other indicators that need to be indicated in acts, invoices or summary tables. It is good if you will be able to change the amounts of certain columns by entering data from the outside in the format of spreadsheets (client code and amount). This significantly reduces your dependence on programmers. For example, you need to provide discounts or perform calculations. You can easily do it in Excel or OpenOffice, withdraw ready amounts and that's it.

To automate payment accounting, it is good to have several different data indentation options. Even if you set up automatic data collection, over time either the bank may change something or very often clients show creativity in writing the purpose of payment. Therefore, if you still have the opportunity to add data in the format (client code and amount), then you can easily edit the errors in the Excel or OpenOffice program and enter the ready amounts.

It is also good for an accountant to know the capabilities of Excel or OpenOffice macros and to be able to work with Word program bookmarks. This will allow you to prepare many necessary documents, starting with invoices and ending with contracts. Twenty years ago, the programming language of accounting languages was simple and many accountants could make edits themselves. Now we need an accountant, a programmer and a translator of the accountant's problems into the programmer's language and vice versa, and a lot of nerve cells.

Accounting services Lviv prices


Prices for outsourcing accounting services in Ukraine.

The price of accounting services for legal entities and sole traders in Ukraine depends on the selected package. The main packages: "Accounting", "Salary", "Shopping Center", "Accounting for services", "Condominium". For enterprises and entrepreneurs who work by calculation and provide services to hundreds and thousands of customers, our price is very attractive. For example, keeping track of services for a shopping center with more than 300 customers for the shopping center will cost from 30 hryvnias per customer per month. In more detail, what is included in the price is described in the "Projects" section, in particular in the posts accounting services and outsourcing services and accounting services .

Practically all packages in Ukraine are provided under the condition that the customer has an employee who knows how to work with office programs and who is responsible for the preparation of documents for processing. If the customer submits data in electronic format in the form of tables, then this will reduce the price. Otherwise, it is done by our specialist and the cost of services increases by the amount of hours spent entering data into the table.

In the "Salary" package, we provide the services of automation of calculations if the customer has an accountant who is responsible for the control and calculation of wages. That is, we perform the work of the second accountant, who performs the volume of draft work on the preparation of documents for the calculation and payment of wages and the preparation of reports. We insure the accountant when he is on vacation or on sick leave. In principle, we do not work as the first number for calculating wages. Sometimes the company works normally, but at a certain stage, "big cost savings" may begin with distortions in salary processes. And there is responsibility not only according to legislation, but also to higher powers. And he has no desire to bear responsibility before the higher forces for the fact that someone "saves" a couple of hryvnias on his employees.

The "Accounting" package actually contains other packages. In this package, the customer is granted access to the archive of the accounting information base under certain conditions. If the customer pays the costs for the initial creation of the database for the customer, then access will be free all the time. And the customer, if he is not satisfied with our services, can have his information base serviced by another contractor.

For businesses that provide services to a small number of clients, our rates will be significantly higher than other outsourcing firms. Legal entities included in our project serve small firms only when they are part of a large firm. Therefore, we kindly ask you to approach this moment with understanding. In the current year 2023, we do not plan to increase the number of customers. But if you are an enterprise or an entrepreneur who works on an accounting basis and provides services to hundreds of clients, then we will definitely consider your application.