it services Lviv and across Ukraine


Comprehensive IT services for business in the city of Lviv and across Ukraine.

We create and maintain corporate web portals for business in the city of Lviv and across Ukraine for shopping centers and condominiums. The development of sites - portals is more complicated compared to the development of other types of sites, because it is actually a platform that allows you to effectively combine the work of employees and recipients of services. The demand for these services arose when companies began to transfer part of their employees to remote work. An effectively built corporate web portal allows you to reduce the costs of creating jobs in the office and increase the efficiency and productivity of employees in work outside the office.

Information services to support business processes can be from partial automation of individual processes to automation of many aspects of activity. These services allow the customer's employees to computerize routine operations and improve accounting, tax, personnel accounting and record keeping. IT outsourcing services do not replace the work of an accountant or clerk at the customer, but help them conduct their work more efficiently and insure their work in critical situations. The price for comprehensive IT services of IT outsourcing and consulting in the city of Lviv and throughout Ukraine is from UAH 400 per hour.

The peculiarity of our project is the presence in it of a group of specialists who are programmers and at the same time practicing accountants with extensive work experience. Such specialists can quickly find and agree on the most effective web portal model for your business. The second feature is that we support and service the connection between the portal and your business as an accounting outsourcing company. There is an illusion that we will buy an expensive portal and it will do all the work itself. But the reality is that the main thing is to maintain the search engine so that the web portal works reliably and dynamically adapts to the necessary changes. Project specialists have been working for more than twenty years in the field of supporting the activities of shopping centers and condominiums and other companies with a large number of clients.

We mainly develop sites - B2C type portals for business in the city of Lviv and across Ukraine. We can also create sites - B2B or mixed portals. But with B2B class portals, there are difficulties that are common to all developers - the presence of a well-integrated service for exchanging signed documents with the portal.

Customers of our information services are provided with consulting IT support and IT support throughout Ukraine through postal services and by phone. Specialists of the company providing services and support have appropriate education and many years of practical work experience.