Services for comprehensive automation of enterprise activities in Ukraine.

The company provides comprehensive automation services for enterprises in the city of Lviv and throughout Ukraine. Its specialists have been working in the field of automation and consulting on issues of commercial activity and business management for more than twenty years. With the help of computers and modern technologies, we strive to improve the activities of companies and entrepreneurs. High-quality automation of business management gives the effect of maximum manageability, predictability, profitability and transparency. Effective optimization of accounting, quick obtaining of the necessary information and submission of reports, reduction of the probability of errors is achieved.

We configure programs on the BAS platform to facilitate management, accounting and tax accounting. We integrate them with electronic services and websites. The company develops and designs websites for condominiums and shopping centers in the city of Lviv and across Ukraine. Our services are beneficial to such structures that provide services to many clients. For their effective operation, an electronic services site similar in structure to a shopping center or market site with various additional services.

Information about calculations is dynamically displayed in the user account. The office is adapted for a mobile phone. The customer orders the dynamics of changes in receipt of payment for invoices. Only personal data is available to an ordinary user. Managers, lawyers, accounting, administrators have access to the information provided according to their authority in the "365/24" mode. Owners have access to the entire array of information on agreements concluded with them.

Users enter their data during a certain interval, then the period closes and accounts, acts, contracts, etc. are formed. For example, the end user enters the readings of water, electricity, etc. meters on the site using a smartphone or computer. If the user did not provide data, average annual data is used for calculation. Administrators only carry out control, but they can collect data and enter it themselves, or they can send a photocopy of the data list and our specialists will enter it. Or a clerk or an accountant can print a contract or invoice from the system, and our specialists can download them in electronic or paper form if necessary.

We work online with all cities of Ukraine. Customers and their clients are provided with consulting support and accounting support through postal services and by phone. We use electronic document flow for concluding agreements and acts. The executor is a legal entity paying a single tax of 5%. Non-cash payment according to the contract to the account or through the terminal.